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Dear friends, pilots and controllers,

Some of you are already looking forward to next 30 hours of flying in nice country in the heart of Europe - Czech Republic. It is our pleasure to announce next 30 hours event, but this time the 30 hours challenge will be much more difficult compared to last year, because we will provide full ATC coverage in Czech Republic for 6 hours longer. This year, the event is called „LKAA FIR 36 HOURS ONLINE 2016“. Our event will take place in October from 28.10.2016 10:00 UTC till 29.10.2016 22:00 UTC


The principle of the event is the same as every year. The best trained and the most experienced controllers will meet in the virtual control room in the city Kolín in Czech Republic. They will provide the best ATC coverage in Prague FIR non-stop for 36 hours from the same room.

Pilots who want to participate in this great and largest event of Czech division and who want to spent 36 hours of perfect fun, we will create special booking system which will contain big range of amazing flights from/to capital city of Czech republic, Prague (LKPR/PRG). This year we will have some innovations in booking system.
First one is the international airport Brno (LKTB/BRQ), located in the southeast of Czech Republic. Flights to Brno will be included to booking system as well. The pilots who do not like large airports or just do not like flying to Prague can now enjoy this event too. ATC services will be also provided over Brno (LKTB) almost 36 hours.
Next innovation in booking system is tackling problem with VFR pilots. During previous LKAA 30 Hours online events we were receiving many questions from pilots like: „What about VFR flights?“ „Can I receive bandage on my profile if I was participating as VFR flight only?“ Unfortunately it was not possible to get badge for VFR flights. This year we will include „free slots“ to booking system for VFR pilots and according to system described below they would be able to receive badge on their profiles as well as IFR pilots.

We have prepared some awards for you as a motivation for participation:

Pilot Events Award


This award will be issued to all pilots, who will complete at least 10 flights (VFR or IFR) from our booking system. Long-haul flights (flights longer than 4 hours) will be counted as 2 normal flights.

Aviation Celebration Tours and Events Award


This award will be issued to first 10 most active pilots, who will use our booking system.

Division Meeting Award


For those, who will visit us at ATC room in Kolin we prepared another badge

Note: Very high traffic is expected during event. For better flow of traffic on arrival and departure it is needed, that all pilots will read this document carefully before connecting to IVAO network! Pilot´s briefing

If you use valid charts scenery of airports it will help to maintain good flow of air traffic. Here are some links.

If you still have not decided whether to participate or not, just think about when it was last time you heard you are number five in sequence for landing or when you could see big international airport, which is full of airplanes for almost 36 hours? Participation in LKAA 36 HOURS ONLINE event is a big experience which you never forget!

We are looking forward to your participation!

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